Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 ? Is Starbucks Stock a good investment for long-term?

Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040 for long-term investment? Is Starbucks Stock a good investment for long-term? 

Friends, today in this article we will discuss what the Starbucks Stock Price Forecast can be for the future.  Let us tell you that Starbucks Stock is a multibagger stock and the company's stock has given tremendous returns of above 30000% to its investors since its listing year 1992.  

Looking at the company's business model, stock market experts believe that Starbucks Stock can give good returns to its investors in future as well.  But let us analyze the company's business model and the financial condition of the company before knowing the Starbucks Stock Price Prediction for long-term.

About Starbucks Corp.

According to website "Starbucks Corp. engages in the production, marketing, and retailing coffee. It operates through the following segments: North America, International, Channel Development, and Corporate and Other.

The Channel Development segment includes roasted whole bean and ground coffee, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Teavana-branded single serve products. 

Who is the founder of Starbucks Corp.?

The company was founded by Jerry Baldwin and Howard D. Schultz on November 4, 1985, and is headquartered in Seattle, WA".

Starbucks Corp Revenue

Starbucks Corp.'s revenue has seen an 8% growth this year as compared to last year. This year, the company's revenue was $33 billion. which was $30 billion last year.

The company's net profit this year is $3.32 billion, down 24% from last year's $4.30 billion. The company has had to spend a little more money this year to increase its revenue.

Let us now try to understand what Starbucks stock price predictions 2023, 2025, 2030, and 2040 could be in the future on the basis of Starbucks Corp's business growth and stock's performance so far.

Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2023

At this point in time, the Starbucks stock price is trading around its 52-week high. If we talk about the Starbucks stock price forecast for 2023, then according to the chart analysis of the stock, the stock can reach its lifetime high of $120 by the end of 2023.

Starbucks Stock Price Prediction/Forecast 2025

Starbucks Corp. is a roaster and retailer of specialty coffee globally. Besides its fresh, rich-brewed coffees, the company's offerings include many complimentary food items and a selection of premium teas and other beverages, sold mainly through the company's retail stores. 

The company's popular brands include Starbucks coffee, Teavana tea, Seattle's Best Coffee, La Boulange bakery products and Evolution Fresh juices. 

If we talk about Starbucks stock price prediction 2025, then along with the company's revenue, we can also see a good growth in Starbucks stock price. The stock has seen a jump of 75% in the last five years. If the stock maintains its past performance, then according to our analysis, the stock price can reach $150 in 2025.

Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2030

Starbucks Corp.'s business is spread all over the world, and the coffee and beverage businesses of the company will be seen performing well in the future. 

If we talk about Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2030, then in the next 7 years, according to 8 analysts, Starbucks Corp's revenue can see a jump of 80% and its net profit can reach 170%. 

If this happens, then a good rise in the price of Starbucks stock can also be expected. In the year 2030, the price of Starbucks stock can be seen from $ 230 to $270.

Starbucks Stock Price Prediction 2040

If you people are planning to invest in the company's stock for a long time, then let us tell you that the business of the company will be seen performing well in the future. Starbucks stock has given tremendous returns to its investors since its listing, and stock market experts say that the stock will continue to perform well in the future as well.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where will Starbucks Stock be in 5 years?

Looking at the past performance of the stock, the stock market expert believes that Starbucks' stock price in the next 5 years can be seen around $175.

2. Starbucks Corp. Market Cap?

At the time of writing this article, Starbucks Corp.'s market cap was hovering around $120 billion.

3. Starbucks Corp. Dividend Yield?

The company's dividend yield is 2.50%.

Note:-"We hope that the information given by us will definitely help you in assessing the Starbucks Stock Price Prediction.  Investing money in the stock market is a very risky business because there is a lot of volatility in the stock market.  That's why before buying the stock of any company, you must do a complete research of that company or take advice from your financial advisor, thank you".

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