IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 in futureIs the company's stock a good stock for long-term investment? Is it the right time to buy the company's stock?

Friends, if you are also looking for answers to all these questions on Google, then you are at the right place. Let us tell you that the stock of the company has seen a growth rate of 50% in the last year. After this, on February 22, 2023, a split was seen in the ratio of 1:10 in stock.

After the stock split, many questions would arise in your mind regarding the future share price target of the company's stock.

Today, in this article, we will try to predict what the IRB Infrastructure share price target could be in the future after the stock split. But before that, let us have a look at the business model of the company and its financial condition.

IRB Infrastructure Ltd Company business daitels 

The IRB Infrastructure Ltd. Company was established in 1998. The company operates in the engineering-construction segment. IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited Company is India's emerging infrastructure development company in the BOT space.

Over the years, the company has completed large and technically complex projects across India in difficult terrain and tough industry environments. The company works closely with major government agencies like MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) and NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) on road construction projects.

If we talk about the products and services of the company, then the company works to provide the following products and services:

1. Highway Projects

2. Bot Projects

3. Ham Projects

4. TOT Projects

5. Airports Division

6. Equipment technology

The company gets 71% of its revenue from the construction segment and 29% from BOT and TOT projects.

If we take a look at the financial condition of the company, then there was a decline in sales after the coronavirus, but as time has passed, the company has again started working properly on its projects. Due to this, the net profit of the company has again increased from Rs. 250 crores to Rs. 1100 crores.

The OPM of the company is quite good, but the company has to spend Rs. 1500 crore on interest and Rs. 800 crore on depreciation in lieu of its interest of Rs. 16000 Due to which the company gets less net profit.

If we talk about the IRB Infrastructure Share holding pattern, then the promoter has reduced his holding in the company from 58% to 34% in the last two years, which is not good news for the share holders of the company, but the good thing is that the company's FIIS holding has increased from 13% to 48.50%. The public holding in the company is 10.50%, and the DIIS holding is 6.70%.

Let us now try to estimate what could be the IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target in the future based on the company's fundamentals, technical analysis, and a stock market expert's opinion.

IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2023 

The EPS of the company is increasing due to the increasing net profit of the company; if the company manages to make good net profit in the coming quarters as well, then a good jump can be seen in the EPS of the company in the coming times.

By the way, good growth can be seen in the stock of the company even after the split because now small retail investors will also be seen investing in the stock of the company.

The business of the company will perform well in the future, and the company may get good orders. At present, the company has an order book of Rs 13,000 crore. IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2023 can be seen from Rs 35 to Rs 38.

IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2025

The Government of India is paying a lot of attention to infrastructure development, and in this budget also, the government has increased the allocation for infrastructure development by 30%, which will also be seen to benefit the company.

If we talk about the IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2025, then due to increasing infrastructure development and a good order book, there can be good growth in the sales of the company in the future. Due to this, the stock price of the company can be seen in the range of Rs 46 to Rs 52 between the ups and downs of the market.

IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target 2030

If we talk about the long-term price target of the company, then there is a lot of debt on the company at this time, and the company's stock is trading at a very expensive price compared to its book value. The promoter's holding in the company is also less than 34%, and the ROE of the company in the last five years is 8%, which would be considered low.

But if you want to buy the company's stock for a long time, then you will see a better profit than the dividend because the company's dividend yield is 4.10%. Looking at the increasing infrastructure development in India as well as around the world in the future, you can make a plan to invest in the company's stock.

Friends, we hope that the information given by us in this article will definitely help you in estimating the IRB Infrastructure Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. Similarly, to understand the detailed analysis of stocks of other companies, do read our other posts as well. Thank you.

Disclaimer:- "There is a lot of volatility in the stock market, due to which investing money in it is a risky business.  Therefore, before investing money in the stock of any company, you must do a detailed analysis of that company and the stock of that company on your own behalf or take advice from your financial advisor".

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